Edmonton Christian Schools: A Journey of Transformation
Believing Jesus is Lord over all of life, Edmonton Christian School educates students for joyful and responsible service to God and society. Our strategic plan, formulated in November 2003 and re-worked in 2009 represents our goals, objectives, and strategies for our school.
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In obedience to the Word of God as revealed in Scripture, Edmonton Christian School (ECS) students will pursue their studies within the framework of their responsibilities to God, other people, the animal and plant kingdoms and the physical environment.

Curriculum and Programming

  • ECS will advocate a program based on the following convictions:
  • Biblical principles are relevant to all areas of study;
  • An integrated, thematic approach to learning best captures a Christian perspective on life;
  • Faith directed learning leads to purposeful living;
  • Curriculum guidelines must affirm the diversity, complexity and richness of God's world;
  • The curriculum will follow the Alberta Education program of studies.


Teaching staff and administration will be professional, Christian educators who understand both the history and the transformational character of our reformed vision and mission. All staff will clearly exhibit their enthusiasm, competence and commitment to educate students in this tradition of Christian education.

School Atmosphere

God's peace will define an environment of community at ECS. In this community setting staff and students will feel free to share their joys and to carry the burdens of others. Positive school spirit will grow out of a rich devotional life, inspired learning and healthy socializing.


The Edmonton Society for Christian Education and its Board will promote healthy community relations with all other stakeholders in Edmonton Christian School through mutual respect, effective communication, enthusiastic cooperation and commitment to this vision and mission statement.

ESCE Board

In consultation with ESCE membership and ECS staff, the Board will work together with the Superintendent of the Edmonton Public School Board to safeguard the integrity of the vision and mission of Edmonton Christian School.


ECS will have facilities that enable the administration and teachers to implement the school's vision and mission.