Edmonton Christian Schools: A Journey of Transformation
Edmonton Christian School educates students for joyful and responsible service to God. Because we believe that Jesus is Lord over all of life, we have created an educational institution that integrates faith, learning and service into the entire curriculum.
We offer a distinctively Christian program that is an alternative program of Edmonton Public Schools (EPS). By operating through a partnership between The Edmonton Society for Christian Education and the Edmonton Public School Board we follow the Alberta curriculum and meet or exceed all Alberta Education requirements. This partnership enables Edmonton Christian School to keep enrolment fees affordable while providing a strong, continuous Christian education program for our students.

I. We believe God gives every child gifts and talents to be used in His service. We value each child and each child's gifts equally, whether these gifts are in academics, technologies, vocational studies, fine arts, music or athletics.

II. We strive to provide a rigorous and diverse educational program that:
  • Invites students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and equips them to make informed Christian choices.
  • Enables students to discover and develop their gifts and talents.
  • Promotes physical health, nurtures artistic and creative talents, equips students with relevant skills and challenges students to live faith-directed lives.
  • Is taught by professional, Christian teachers and administrators who exhibit a Christian lifestyle and act as Christian role models to students.
  • Takes place in an environment defined by God's peace in a community where staff and students feel free to share joys and carry each others burdens.
  • Provides opportunities for parents to be involved in the education of their children in classrooms and in school activities.
  • Integrates an intentional and inclusive service program that enables students to experience the blessings of a life of service in God's Kingdom.
III. We encourage active community involvement in defining, maintaining and enhancing our program.